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Need Help for Your Food Addictions?

"Are You Caught in a Cycle of Emotional Eating? How Do You Stop These Food Cravings?"

From:  Iris Bell, MD PhD

You know it's time to stop these endless rounds of eating sweets or fast foods or other comfort foods. But how?

Since we all have to eat, it is just as hard - and often harder -- to stop food cravings and get on a sane and safe diet than it is to quit smoking or drinking or drugs.

My name is Iris Bell, MD PhD, and I am an alternative medicine researcher who has studied people with multiple food addictions. I understand that this is a tough problem. Any type of addiction is. And just because it's food doesn't make it easier.

Even so, I have uncovered the basic steps you can take to get back in control of your eating. Get on track to overcoming your food addictions today.You can do this. Yes, you can

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