4 Key Ways To Lower Your Sugar Intake To Lose Weight

When you have a high intake of sugar, it is a vicious cycle. Sugar spikes the blood glucose level and increases the need for the body to create insulin. Once the insulin level increases, it aids in lowering the sugar level. Unfortunately, it lowers it rapidly and to the level where that causes you to crave more sugar. When this happens, you eat more sugar and of course, within an hour want even more. This cycle is difficult to break since low blood sugar causes the craving to be even more prominent. There are some ways to cut back your sugar intake. Once you start to cut it back, you'll find that it's even easier to stick to your diet, feel better and even have more energy than you did before the reduction.

Exercise your way through the craving. When you exercise, you increase the amount of endorphins in your brain. This body chemical makes you feel good. It is the reason for the runner's high. Exercise increases circulation and releases stored energy, which fights the cravings, sluggishness and sleepiness caused by the body's craving for sugar. Simply taking a few minutes each morning to do resistance training, pumping iron, it actually reduces the cravings. Go for a walk. Best of all, if you're out for a walk, lift weights at home or in the gym, you're not looking through your refrigerator for ice cream or scanning the cupboards for that last cookie. The exercise changes your focus and distracts you from thoughts of one last bite of a gooey double chocolate caramel bar. This helps break the sugar cycle.

Substitute with fruit or vegetables. Fruit has sugar, but it also has other important vitamins and minerals, and best of all fiber. The sugars in fruits and some vegetables enter your bloodstream more slowly since the fiber slows the absorption. When you slow the absorption, it also reduces the sugar spike as it enters the bloodstream and stifles the cravings for even more sugar. Adding fiber to your diet also helps you control your cholesterol levels and prevent clogging the arteries.

Stop sugar-loading the first thing in the morning. Sugar coated Bing Bangs might be your breakfast cereal of choice but it starts your day with a powerful burst of glucose and leaves you in the pits of sugar craving by eleven o'clock. Change your breakfast to something more substantial. Oatmeal fills you up without creating an empty feeling a few hours later.

Break down your meals to several smaller ones and eat more frequently. Smaller meals, eaten more slowly and more frequently, help to keep your blood glucose levels at a more even keel. If you break your lunch down to several smaller meals, there's no need to snack in the mid morning or afternoon, you simply eat one of the meals. When you select smaller meals throughout the day, there's no need to consume a sugary snack to keep you functioning.

These four hints to control your sugar intake don't require a lot of extra effort on your part and don't leave you feeling deprived. They're simple adjustments in your life that help you achieve your diet goal. The simplest way to lower your sugar intake is not to purchase sugary snacks. Once you break your cycle, you'll wonder why you even stressed over giving up sugar. The hardest part is the first step. Once you accomplish a small change, you'll feel so much better; each change to a sugar-free lifestyle is easier and easier.

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