50 Ways to Commit Suicide With Food

There is an old song called "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover." It was a very funny and popular song. Unfortunately, there are no popular songs called "50 Ways to Commit Suicide with Food." Maybe it would make us think about how we are killing ourselves with food! This article is about the many ways we commit suicide with food - and aren´t even aware of it. It is so commonly acceptable to supersize servings that we are unaware just how deadly this practice is. We are slowly killing ourselves with food.

400,000 Obesity Related Deaths Each Year

The obesity rate continues to soar worldwide. 400,000 deaths each year are attributed to obesity. Spending money on weight loss products like Hoodia Gordonii surpassed the $750 million sales mark this past year! These statistics are appalling. Yet, it seems the government is committed to seeing its people commit suicide with food!

50 Ways to Commit Suicide With Food

I won´t list all 50, but here are the top 20 ways to kill yourself with food: 1) eating sugar; 2) eating high fat foods; 3) eating processed foods; 4) lack of exercise; 5) eating trans fatty foods; 6) eating lots of red meat; 7) eating full fat dairy products; 8) eating artificial sweeteners; 9) eating foods with high fructose corn syrup; 10) eating foods with MSG; 11) eating foods with tons of pesticides; 12) lack of portion control; 13) supersizing meals; 14) drinking alcohol; 15) eating too much salt. As a result, we gain these diseases which kill us: 16) diabetes; 17) high blood pressure; 18) thyroid problems; 18) asthma; 19) coronary heart disease; and 20) various forms of cancer. This list can go on and on to list more than 50 ways we commit suicide with food, but that´s enough for now. Let's get to the solution - how to lose weight and keep it off!

Aren't You Tired of Yo-Yo Dieting?

Losing weight is not about going on a diet. It's about learning which foods to eat and how often to eat them so that you stay satiated, keep your blood level on an even keel, and eating until you're comfortably full. Eating foods high in fiber such as oatmeal, fruit and vegetables, enable you to stay full longer because glucose is released into your bloodstream at a slow rate - as opposed to eating highly processed foods - which will make your blood sugar rise and dip quickly. When you eat sugary fatty foods, you get quick energy, but you crash and burn shortly thereafter and you're left ravenously hungry, which makes you reach for that donut 15 minutes later. Then the vicious food and weight gain cycle start again.

"Just Say No" to Food

The key to rapid safe weight loss and healthy living is to remember that we have to eat to live - not live to eat. To learn more about healthy eating and weight loss, do a little bit of research on your computer. There are more than 50 ways to eat healthier and live a longer life, than 50 ways to commit suicide with food!

Shalisha is a successful weight loss coach who has lost 90 pounds and has kept it off for over 10 years. Do you want to stop your food cravings, lose weight and keep it off without all the hassles of food scales and cups? Click Here!

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