A Self-Described Food Addict

It may sometimes pop up in your mind or you may just be interested in knowing more about who you could call a food addict. The answers have been widely discussed on the internet; however, searching for a precise definition is a trifle too tall a task. As it is, an eating addict can perhaps be explained rather than defined. A kind of person who shows certain characteristics in his or her eating habits may be evaluated to fall under the category of a feeding addict. However, it is important to be able to distinctly identify these characteristics to other similar ones as there is only a very fine line that distinguishes a food addict from a food lover.

So what is it that makes an average person into a feeding addict? There are some pretty easy ways to tell. How often do you actually feel hungry? It can't be more than just a few times a day. A person who would seek for food even when he or she is not at all hungry is undoubtedly a feeding addict. A feeding addict will only have hunger as an excuse to munch away at their favorite delicacies. Then there's the categorization of hunger.

There may be times when you are hungry and you do need to consume some food. This is natural. But at this point what kind of food does one turn to be important. If a healthy nutritious meal is necessary then go for it. But there will be a zillion times you see a person say that they are hungry only to buy a cone of ice cream which seems to satisfy their hunger for the moment. This is an action of food addicts. Also, the quantity of a craving that a person wants in comparison to the quantity of a healthy meal tells a food addict from the rest of the pack. These people gradually turn into vegetables as excess sugar content in food enhances the production of dopamine in their brain cells which renders them progressively less active.

The good news is, though, that the condition is not hopeless and there are stalwarts as examples of people who have fought obesity and food addiction only to come out fitter and healthier. There are certain conscious efforts that you need to make in this regard.

Stop over-eating. Eat when you are hungry, but eat only to satisfy your hunger and no more.

Eliminate temptations. The sight of cravings can make you long for them the more you keep them away, the better it is for you.

Be more active. Exercise is the key to good health. No matter how much you diet, you can't starve to live well. All foods have some calorie content and exercise is the only sure shot way to burn the excess calories.

Magdalena A. Amagadon is a health expert and

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