Abolish Sugar Desires to Allow You to Remain on Your Diet

Sugar can be found in almost every processed and manufactured food you can imagine. Even many healthful carbohydrate foods like "whole grain" cereals and breads have one variety of sugar or another. It is tough to find products without supplementary sugar.

Look a the content label of nearly any canned or boxed food product and you'll probably see sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, cane juice, and a multitude of other sugars. Even if you don't consume soda pop or eat a lot of candy or energy bars you're getting a more than adequate supply of sugar. In fact, you're most likely consuming so much sugar that stopping cold turkey would trigger some indicators of sugar dependence. Several studies reveal that sugar affects the opioids and dopamine in the brain and activates the beta endorphin receptor sites. Cutting sugar intake significantly will produce cravings and the urge to go on a sugar binge.

One of the problems with sugar is that it is associated with your energy level and your general health. When you eat sugary foods your blood glucose level rises, your pancreas secretes the hormone insulin to cause your liver, muscles and fat cells to absorb this excess glucose, thus causing your blood glucose level to drop. This can produce low blood glucose levels that will make you feel exhausted. You will then hunger after additional sugar and this cycle starts anew.

Diets that require the temporary elimination or permanent reduction of carbohydrates, like the Atkins diet, are often very difficult to hold fast to. Cravings for sugar are too powerful for many to remain committed to such diets.

There is s a way to control and lessen your sugar desires, And, that is with appropriate meal planning. By planning and preparing healthy meals with a favorable balance of protein, fat and fiber you are able help uphold a more uniform blood sugar level and prevent sugar desires. Also, eat reduced servings in more frequent meals. Research has found that when the interval between meals increased, the total amount of calories consumed in a day rose and the nutritional quality of the meals decreased.

To put it another way, the optimal technique to cut sugar cravings is to plan smaller, healthy meals and eat more often. This will stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep you feeling energetic all day long.

Between meals, perhaps your best snack should be water. You understand we should all drink more water. And, drinking water also fills your stomach and reduces your appetite. This helps you resist the sweetened snacks that add both needless calories and bad refined carbs.

If you would like to reward yourself with a snack there are now plenty of reduced carb snacks available. You can buy low carb food bars, yogurt, and even low carbohydrate ice cream. So, plan your snacks by getting more healthful low carbohydrate snacks.

After you have your blood glucose leveled out for a few weeks, you may well be prepared to successfully start your no carbohydrate or low carbohydrate diet. Appropriate planning is what will make the difference.

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