Are You Sugar Sensitive? What The Doctors Don’t Kno

What is sugar sensitivity? Sugar sensitivity is a biochemical addiction to sugar or carbohydrates. When your body reacts to either of those things, it triggers a relentless cycle of strong cravings that seem impossible to get rid of.

Sugar is like a drug. If you abuse it you will have problems with it in the future, whether its diabetes or being sensitive to sugar not to mention that It will make you fat. It's loaded with dead empty calories and they are gona get you.

Being sensitive to sugar or sugar sensitive Is when you've ate or abused sugar so much during your life that your body just wont tolerate it anymore. You have constant unbearable cravings for sugar products. And when you don't' get them you irritable and even hateful. It will bring out the rude in you.

You eventually breakdown and get yourself something sweet. You binge off of it for a few days, then you become very tired, your mind gets foggy, your energy levels hit the bottom of the can and you feel like crap. Want happens next?

Your body cries out for more sugar, so you give in and eat more sweets, then you are even more fatigue the next day. You feel that you can't hardly get out of the chair. You are so incredibly tired and your muscles ache.

Even simple tasks like getting up to brush your teeth or get the TV remote seems like a monumental task. If you drop something in the floor you sometimes will stand there and think about it and decide if it's worth having to bend over to pick it up or not.

Many times you will just say forget it and leave it in the floor and go on back to your chair or couch. Its not that the person is lazy it's that the sugar has drained the life and energy out of  them.

Sugar sensitivity is when a person is unable to handle sugar well. Sugar sensitivity can and will cause depression, overeating, headaches, tiredness, blurred eyes, brain fog, anger and digestive problems. Some people are addicted to sugar like me.

And trying to tell me and these other people not to eat sugar is like telling a drug addict to stop taking drugs. Sugar addiction affects the same biochemical systems of the body as illegal drugs. When you don't get your sweets on time you will crawl the walls until you get it. You will get down and dirty hateful and short tempered.

What are the signs that I may be Sugar Sensitive?

If you think you might be Sugar Sensitive, Then I'm sure you eat a lot of sweet snacks, breads, pasta, rice, ice cream, cookies, snack cakes, and soft drinks. When you gain weight it's around your waist and yes I can attest to that. This can cause your blood sugar to rise and fall though out the day and eventually you could become sugar sensitive.

Normally, when a person eats food that's high in carbohydrates their blood sugar will rise, this causes their body to release insulin, which brings the blood sugar down. Sugar sensitive people have the same reaction, but there's a lot more insulin released, so their blood sugar goes down faster.

Are you having mood swings? Boy I have a ton of them after eating a bunch of sugar. When your sugar is up you will feel wonderful; but when it goes down will feel irritable, tense, confused, tired and basically like crap.

Sugar sensitive folks respond to sugar, white flour products and alcohol differently than everyone else. The chemistry of a sugar sensitive person is out of balance which is why you feel like a walking dead man, that's depressed, hateful irritable and craving sugar. You feel like crap until you eat it and then you feel guilty afterward which makes you still feel like crap. It's like you can't win no matter which way you go.

The sugar sensitive person is affected: by volatile blood sugar, low serotonin levels and low beta-endorphin levels. This causes people to be fatigued, depressed and purely hateful and short tempered. It really gives you a short fuse. It will dull your concentration, blur your eyes, it affects your memory, and you are easily frustrated and irritated over nothing.

I have fought with and have had to tolerate sugar sensitivity since 1985. When I talked to my doctor about my sugar problem, I didn't know what to say to him. So I said I am addicted to sugar and I can't get rid of the cravings. I said can you give me something to kill sugar cravings.

He said to me that unfortunately there's not a sugars anonymous and that's all the advice he had for me. Oh and one other great piece of wisdom he said to just push away from the table. Now there's some million dollar advice.  And It did irritate me and make me mad and I didn't go back to him. I've been tested for diabetes and had my blood tested everyday for a month and it was all normal.

Good news Mr. Wilhelm We didn't find anything wrong, which didn't help me a bit.  Somebody not finding something buts there is a problem and it does exist and doctors have no idea what you are talking about, or even what to look for. So basically they can't help you. I mean thank the Lord for doctors but they just don't know everything.

But at least now you know that much of this depression, irritability and tiredness are because you are sugar sensitive. Some say that it's hereditary but I don't believe that, because I'm the only one in my family with this problem. Going from my experience I say that at least one cause of it, is from sugar abuse.

I ate sugar relentlessly for years. When I broke up with the love of my life in the 1985  I started eating sweets. And I didn't just eat some I ate them all. My attitude was don't offer me a cookie, just hand me the bag, and don't give me a bowl of ice cream, just hand me the bucket and a spoon and get out of the way. And If were talking pie just hand me a fork and the pie pan and I'll do the rest.

I still have the problem today but at least I know what it is. I get off on binges sometimes and get way out of balance, like with a box of ice cream sandwiches and I eat all 12 and then feel guilty. Sometimes I can't control myself.

But I'm told there's something that you can do for it. The things I've found that can help kill sugar cravings are LGlutamine and chromium. If you take Glutamine 3 or 4 grams a day which two pills of 500 mg is a gram ,the cravings will go away in a few days and until they do you need to use your will power, and that's often easier said than  done.

But It has worked for me, the problems is that I just got tired of taking the pills, and then the cravings go away and I get over confident cause I'm not craving sugar, and then one day I want something sweet and believe the lie that one want hurt. And when you eat that one its like sticking a lit match to puddle of gas, you just started yourself a fire.

There is a book I found at library and I read it once some years ago, but I'm hearing more about it these days and that is the book called Potatoes not Prozac by Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons. She talks about you helping yourself just by changing your diet. You need to eat the right foods in the right combinations at the right times. Her book is a lifetime plan to keep your chemistry stable and working right.

If you're one of those people that sugar doesn't bother, you won't be able to relate to or even under stand what I talking about. Unless it's happened to you won't even be able to comprehend it. Just feel blessed it doesn't bother you.

But if your one of the many sugar sensitive sufferers do yourself and those who have be to be around you a favor and take steps to conquer your sugar sensitive addiction today. You'll be glad you did. If you find anything new that works good for then write me and let me hear about it, so I can share it with the world.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice. It's based on my own experience. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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