Avoid Junk Food During Pregnancy – Your Child Will Thank You

Portrait of a happy young pregnant woman with her husbandWe all know that junk food tastes good and that many people even develop a craving for specific foods that can get out of control. It is a cliche that pregnant women might start craving certain foods.

But research also shows that if you are pregnant and indulge in eating junk food, you may be dooming your child to a lifetime of altered brain chemistry.In other words, what you eat really leaves a permanent mark on your child's brain.

What gets affected is the reward pathways of the brain. The ones involved in cravings of all types and for high reward activities like eating or sex. The same pathways that are not functioning normally in drug and alcohol addicts.

Researchers have looked at offspring of rats fed either normal chow or a junk food diet during pregnancy and lactation. They actually looked at the brain chemistry and eating behaviors of the offspring. They found lasting changes in the opioid receptor systems of the brain in those junk food offspring. Brains have natural receptors in them for morphine-like peptide hormones related to regulating the reward centers of the brain.

Even giving a powerful drug to block opioid receptors to the junk food addicted offspring did not work as well to cut their intake of fat and sugar as it did in normal offspring whose mothers had not consumed the junk food.

What does this mean? It reinforces the point that the brain has critical periods of development that specific environmental factors can modify forever. We knew that kind of thing about mothers who might drink alcohol or use addictive drugs during pregnancy, but now we can see that even diet matters. A lot.

So, if you needed a strong motivation to get on top of your food cravings and you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, get help for your food addictions. Give your child a better start in life with a brain that can deal with the world more normally and who is less at risk of becoming a food or even drug addict down the road as they get older.

One step you can take is to find a local acupuncturist to help you cut down your own junk food cravings. But there is a lot more available to you...

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