Beating Sugar Cravings

Most of us know only too well how a sugar craving feels. It usually presents itself as an overwhelming urge to eat some sugary food...and fast! This is normally followed by an all too brief period of elation which inevitably leads into feelings of regret and even despair. Conquering this vicious cycle is not easy but it is possible! Last week we began our look at some of the best strategies for dealing with sugar cravings. I also underlined the importance of doing so for people who have to deal with the effects of ADD/ADHD. This week's article will continue this discussion by profiling some more excellent strategies for 'beating the binge'!IWe look for the opportunities to eat sugary foods as and when an opportunity is before us. Although we are aware of the consequences of sugar craving and know their impact on our bodies we keep eating sugary foods. This foolish decision brings problematic situations for longer period at the cost of timely pleasure. Such condition can be overpowered provided you have zeal to beat them properly. We had discussed many fruitful strategies for dealing with sugar cravings last week. I had pointedly discussed about its importance particularly for those who suffer with ADD/ADHD disorder. The article this week would exclusively focus on exploring other best strategies to deal with this issue.

Keep planned vigil on your eating habits. Dietaries must be systematic and under control through taking help of food journals. You can keep track of your preferred food and also the one which you had ate over that particular period. Weekly scheduling would keep you in an appropriate stream. You will realize its benefit if strictly follow them and find a difference between your endeavors and actuality. The regulation and disciplined approach would make you realize when you come under the influence of high sugar. Identify particular time frame and make sure you have appropriate note of it instead of following informal routines. A brief notebook would do the needful.

Do regular exercise: It is somewhat contradictory to prescribe exercise for keeping sugar levels maintained. Actually post exercise demands are not appealing for food habits. But many a times it is fruitful and your increased physical activity shows an effect which you hardly presume. It helps you maintain your appetite.

Don't let artificial sweeteners dominate you: Misconceptions go on amongst the masses that artificial sweeteners are worthy to keep sugar cravings away. Actually it is a trick to make you believe on the false claims through urging you eat sugar to gratify your eating advances. Imagine what your entire body might feel. It rather creates nuisance and you are urged to take sugary items under false presumptions. You are not benefited until not provided actual product. Reaction of every people on sweeteners may differ. What matters the most is you observe first hand after being exposed to such effects. So you get chance to change your eatery schedule in that fashion.

Have close vigil on caffeine effects: In many cases people realize the impact of sugar cravings immediately after drinking coffee or other drinks of caffeine. You can assess your lifestyle through marinating a journal hence find out your typical symptoms. When you find out such symptom in your body, try to keep yourself away from such caffeine drinks at the earliest.

Go for 'craving busting' habits: Regular cravings can be encountered by developing habits which help you remain aloof from any sort of craving. Note that in the meanwhile your approach should remain positive. The choice is yours, so you should develop an appropriate habit and beat the circumstances. A few of the affective methodologies while you are under an influence of craving is you rather start short walks without any delay and brush teeth regularly. In case you are not in a position to maintain schedules choose some mental exercises like visualization techniques to keep the impact lessened. It is mandatory for a sustainable and healthy body performance.

Select 'craving unfriendly' diet: Craving incidences see considerable downfall when you take particular type of food and supplements. Don't make it final rather choose systematic diets which are best for this purpose. You shouldn't rely upon a particular diet for the desired benefits. Choose special food alongside applying other resources. You can have following dietary options for irrefutable impact:

• Ginseng
• Green Tea
• High Potency B-Complex Vitamins including biotin, L-glutamine and chromium
• Gymnema herbs which are kept on the tongue to suppress cravings.

Going to all this trouble to make sure that sugar craving do not get the better of you may seem like a bit of 'overkill' but I can assure you that avoiding sugar cravings, and triumphing over those that do occur, should be a vital part of any strategy for the management of the effects of ADD/ADHD. This is because sugar spikes can so easily upset our mental states and emotional well being. Maintaining balanced blood sugar levels can therefore sometimes be synonymous with maintaining balanced mental performance! This is, however, far from the only benefit of healthy blood sugar levels. Please check back next week when we shall explore some of the other tangible benefits of getting off the blood sugar rollercoaster!IMy mantra to suppress ADD/ADHD effects follow proper strategy. I suggest specific options which help you control dietary schedules. Don't presume that sugar cravings are not curable. Positive approach would keep you at the right path and you will feel that you have not only avoided cravings but also conquered them. Understand entire phenomenon and remain aware of the fact that sugar spikes increase depression levels which ultimately hamper your mind and you face emotional doldrums. That is why maintaining balanced blood sugar level looks as if you control your mental performance. This way you keep yourself rejuvenated and control your blood sugar level. We would discuss many other benefits of it on how to control blood sugar levels next week. Keep learning!IDon't provide sugar cravings an opportunity to turn you pessimistic. I always look for the positive side of them and emphasize that firm belief and proper strategy helps avoiding sugar cravings. You can overcome the saddest effects provided your strategies are systematic. This crucial initiative is worthy in controlling the worst effects of ADD/ADHD. Sugar spikes may turn dangerous when they severely affect your mind and your mental health starts degrading. Maintaining blood sugar level helps you keep your mental level at pace. This additional step is noteworthy while you balance the blood sugar. We would like you to remain tuned next week as well because our next step would be to focus upon some other benefits of proper blood sugar maintainance.

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