Choosing the Right Cat Food

A cat’s nutritional diet basically consists of protein, which is found in fish and meat products; taurine as well as other enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Being obligate carnivores, cats cannot thrive primarily on vegetarian diets although cat food manufacturers can incorporate vegetables into their diets. Carbohydrates may not also be a primary nutritional requirement in cats as well although some cat foods contain wheat, rice and corn as fillers.

There are a number of reasons why you should feed your cat with a variety of both canned and dry cat food, as suggested by many nutritionists. For one, canned food contains water that helps supplement a cat’s water needs, given that cats do not usually drink water on a regular basis. And just like humans, cats may also become bored with the same type of food that you may be feeding him. Moreover, although cats rarely develop food allergies, they may still be allergic to some ingredients over time. You may also want to prevent your cat from developing food addiction. This condition is when a cat becomes addicted to a particular type of food and may not want to eat any other type of food anymore. Food addiction in cats can be easily dealt with by feeding him a variety of food right from the start. .

Many cat owners buy cheap cat food in order to save on food expenses. However, you may not actually be getting your money’s worth as some cheap cat food do not give the right amount of nutrients that your cat needs. As a result, your cat may consume twice as much than they would when consuming a normal serving of premium cat food. Also, continued feeding of cheap, substandard food over time may lead to malnourishment and even health complications.

When buying the right cat food, make sure that it has complied with AAFCO’s standards for complete and balanced nutrition on its label. Its protein source should also be labeled beef, chicken or lamb instead of meat alone. Make sure that it is the first ingredient listed on the label. Always check its expiration date.

Look out for chemical preservatives such as BHA. BHT, ethoxyquin and propyl gallate, corn meal as fillers or an excess of carbohydrate fillers. Moreover, beware of labels that read ‘animal digest’ ‘by-products’, ‘meat and bone meal’ as well as added sugars, as these may not be suitable for your cat’s health.

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