Conquering Sugar Cravings – Part 2

There are very few people who have not experienced the craving for sugar. It usually presents itself as an overwhelming urge to eat some sugary food...and fast! The result is an extremely short-lived "high" and then a plunge into a feeling of "low". You can triumph over this yo-yo can be done but it will not be easy! Previously we checked out the top methods of handling those cravings for sugar. I also underlined the importance of doing so for people who have to deal with the effects of ADD/ADHD. We continue in this piece to dig deeper into the gameplan to conquer sugar cravings!

Dietary journal: Detailed records of planned meals and actual meals help lay out the dietary road and help you get better control of what you eat and when. Doing this for a few weeks will help you to determine the width of the gap between perception (how you think you are doing) and reality. It can also assist you in identifying times when you are especially susceptible to the lure of the sugar high. This strategy will work best if you keep an actual journal (perhaps in a small notebook that you always keep with you) rather than just composing mental lists.

Exercise regularly: Being told to exercise in order to soften the impact of sugar rushes may sound counter-intuitive since it would seem 'logical' that the body would demand more sugar after exercising. However, increased physical activity can sometimes have exactly the opposite effect by modifying your appetite in positive ways.

Try to avoid artificial sweeteners: Many people believe that artificial sweeteners can help them to get rid of sugar cravings altogether. You might be able to fool your taste buds into thinking they just encountered sugar, but all other parts of the body that are craving it know better! You could discover that this hurts you in two ways as the body savors the sweetness and yearns for more and at the same time craving more and more until real sugar is consumed. Not everyone react to sweeteners in this way. You should however be aware of your own reaction and then modify your eating habits accordingly.

Journal caffeine: It has been documented that intense needs for sugar can occur right after consuming high-caffeinated drinks. Keeping a detail record of your daily dietary habits can help you conclude whether or not this could be your problem. If this turns out to be the case despite how difficult it might be, you need to!) try to scale back on caffeine as far as possible.

Develop a game-plan: Implement habits and escape routes to get your mind focused on something much more healthy and that shows you the positive aspect of it all. It is up to you to choose the best habits to develop in this regard. Brushing your teeth for taking a stroll outside could help you when the first feelings of a sugar crave comes on. If your work environment is not conducive to this, turn your attention to mental exercises (e.g. by imagining yourself resisting the physical cravings).

Design a 'craving unfriendly' diet: Some types of foods and supplements have been proven to help reduce the incidence of cravings. Incorporating these into your diet helps but never make it the only foundation for your dietary habits. You might want to consider adding these items to your daily diet:
- Ginseng
- Green Tea
- High Potency B-Complex Vitamins (with biotin, L-glutamine and chromium)
- Gymnema - A herb that can be placed on the tongue to help ward off cravings.

You might think that trying to control your sugar cravings to such a degree is a little much, but rest assured that it has been proven that this plan of action in your daily management of ADD/ADHD is vital for success. This goes beyond your physical well-being as the large sugar amounts effect the mental and emotional well-being also.Keeping an eye on your sugar levels can also be keeping an eye on your mental faculties! This is, however, far from the only benefit of healthy blood sugar levels. See what we have to discuss next week about the natural treatment for ADHD through avoiding sugar!

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