Discover How To Prevent Your Sugar Addiction

We live in world where most of the processed food we eat contains at least some element of sugar. This has created a nation that has formed the unhealthy habit that is the sweet tooth. We are already seeing the consequences of this with the rises in obesity, diabetes and heart disease which, in some way can be contributed to our increased consumption of sugar.

This over indulgence has become an addiction for many people. In certain situations when people are either stressed out or feeling low in energy they crave that sugar kick and satisfy it by grapping a high sugar energy drink or chocolate bar. Over time this can lead to health complications. if you are already a diabetic you have to be particularly vigilant in not giving in to these sugar cravings.

To curb our sugar cravings we first of all need to understand why we crave sugar. When we become stressed out or tired this acts as a trigger to crave something sweet. There is a misconception that we think our body needs a high dose of sugar to perk us up. However, the real reason is that our body energy levels are very low and we need a supply. We need to understand there are healthier ways to supply our body with the energy it needs. We can replace our high energy bars with fresh or dried fruit which will give us more sustainable energy throughout day.

Another way of finding out our sugar craving causes is to be more aware of what actually triggers them. For many people they crave sugar when they are depressed, tired our under a lot of stress. The idea is to identify the sources and timings of these triggers by preparing in advance to deal with them. For example if we arrive home tired out after a difficult day in the office our habitual reaction would be to grab a chocolate bar and lie on the sofa feeling sorry for ourselves. Rather than a chocolate bar we should have a healthy alternative such as fruit or fruit juice as this will help to suppress our cravings for sugar. Another, way to avoid this is to go direct to the gym and work out all that stress from the body.

By gaining a better understanding of our sugar cravings and the  triggers that cause them we will be in a better position to control them more effectively. Over time we can adapt to a healthier lifestyle to the point where we find that too much sugary food will become distasteful.

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