Do You Have a Food Addiction?

Our brains are wired to love sweets. Moments after you indulge in sweet treats, your brain's pleasure center releases opiate-like substances.

The same brain chemicals that create narcotic highs also keep you coming back to sugary treats. Beyond the physiological addictive qualities, sweets are highly associated with comfort and pleasure.

For most of us, the problems start in childhood, when we are rewarded with sweets for good behavior, setting up a lifetime association between sugary treats, reward and soothing.

Underlying feelings often drive food cravings as well. My clients will often say "it's easier to stuff my feelings with food than to feel them."

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1. Do you feel that you just don't want to stop indulging in a particular substance - caffeine, sugar, alcohol, excessive carbs - right now, although you could at any time?

2. Have you ever tried to stop for a week but were unable to do so?

3. Do you resent the advice of others who express concerns about your health?

4. Have you ever tried to control your behavior by switching to a different substance?

5. Do you envy people who can indulge without a problem?

6. Do you isolate yourself (eat alone) when you are over-indulging?

7. When the food is limited or unavailable, do you feel deprived and/or go out of your way to get some anyway?

8. When the food is not available, do you feel anxious or worried about how to get some?

9. Are you afraid others will find out?

10. Do you plan your life around your food?

11. Do you often consume more of it than you intended to?

12. Do you consume as much as you can and feel reluctant to throw leftovers away?

13. Do you reach for this food when you are disappointed, depressed, lonely, bored or going through a difficult time?

14. Does it affect your sleep?

15. Are you afraid if you stop using it that you will lack confidence, the ability to relax or that you won't know how to handle situations?

16. Do you hide the evidence or lie to others to cover up?

17. Do you feel your life would be more productive if you weren't indulging in this substance?

18. Do you lack self-control when deciding whether or not to consume this food?

19. Is this habit affecting your health?

20. Do you feel you aren't living up to your potential because of it?

Food addiction is entirely solvable! You can live peacefully with the food you love. In fact, that is my goal: peaceful indifference to food.

Only you can decide if you have a problem deep enough to do something about it.

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