Emotional Intelligence – 3 Aspects Of Emotional Intelligence As Per Daniel Goleman

The book written on emotional intelligence by the coveted writer Daniel Goleman has broken through a lot of myths. It used to be considered that the emotional aspect of a human being is exactly opposite to his/her rational aspect. However, with the ground breaking work of Daniel Goleman people are gradually coming to realize the importance of emotional intelligence in ones life.

On its outer appearance, the book may look like just another, average, shiny hard-bound self-development book, however, a closer look will reveal many interesting aspects. Such observations may specifically be in the part of the book that is about How to be more effective at work and get promoted. This part specifically attempts to break the defenses of people and appeals to their materialistic senses.

The book offers value much beyond its worth in money. "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goldman brings forth a significant fact quite admirably that the course of a person's life is determined as much by the persons EQ (Emotional Quotient) as it is by his/her IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

The immense value and attention that the concept of rational thinking receives is put to question. It is a commonly held misconception that a person can make correct decisions in life only based on rational thought and emotions should better be kept at bay. David Golemans 'Emotional Intelligence' breaks through this notion, to establish the importance that emotions deserve in any important decision of life.

A significant assertion that David Golemans has made in his work is that emotional intelligence can both be cultivated and destroyed by the conduct of an individual. One is not born with it and develops it over a period of time depending on the person's environment and circumstances. The more trying emotional situations that a person faces in his/her life, the more better EQ the person develops and thus is able to tide over the viscitudes of life much easily.

Daniel Golemans book reveals certain aspects of an individuals' life that can be directly attributed to his/her emotional intelligence. These are as follows:

1) Self-Awareness - Such ability helps the person to evaluate oneself. Most of the times people are so blinded by their own shortcomings that they aren't able to think objectively. However, a person with better emotional intelligence levels never feels overwhelmed by his/her emotions and is able to clearly separate hi/her thoughts from his/her emotions.

2) Control over Impulses - The level of an individuals' emotional intelligence also determines his/her efficiency in controlling impulsive behaviors and actions. A person who is emotionally well equipped will always be able to weigh the options correctly and be in better control of his/her emotions.

3) Sociability - This is a very important sphere of ones life that is affected greatly by the individuals' emotional intelligence. To interact with other people socially not only involves our own emotional state of life, but also brings into play our ability to show sensitiveness to other peoples emotions. A person who is emotionally well aware can go very far in life by the effectiveness of his/her social interactions based on sound EQ levels.

Daniel Golemans 'Emotional Intelligence' is targeted at the core of human principles and is written to appeal to the people all over the world. It may appear to be like just another get-rich-quick system at some places, but closer observation will throw up some valid arguments. If studied and applied religiously, this book has the potential to change the course of your life for better.

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