Emotional Relationships Defined

Emotional relationships are nothing short of complicated. For this reason, many people are not able to make out what their relationships are in terms of emotions. To understand emotional relationships, you have to think at each word at a time. Relationships are unions between two individuals or more that are established on mutual agreements that are formal or informal. Relationships can vary based on several factors but, the most common definition of relationships is as stated above. Emotions are feelings that run deep and they determine the kind of connection you have with the person you are relating with. Emotional relations can be both platonic and otherwise. When people have this emotional attachment with others, it might be mutual and in many cases it is not. There are many people who get into such relationships with people who do not know. There are many causes or factors that might cause you to feel this deep affection for someone else. First, you may be attracted to something they have. It might be material or immaterial but, this is pretty common. Sometimes, these relationships will have a user and a person who is being used. It is not usually easy to draw the line between mutual affection and the relationship that is material.

Emotional relationships will come about as a result of a crush and, this is pretty common with young kids in school. Many will be attracted to their teachers. This is based on an attraction that breeds from admiration of their role or physical features. As stated earlier, many emotional relationships never materialize and, people will not even know the ones who are relating with them emotionally. This brings us to the point that, there are emotional relations that are healthy and there are those which are not. When people enter relationships emotionally to use other people, it is not a good enough reason. This is because it all depends on what they have to gain. A healthy relationship is one that is both emotional and based on mutual trust and respect. However, when a student admires a teacher and she or he is captured emotionally, this might be a genuine affection but, it is really hard to draw the lines. Love brings out strong emotions in us and, there is no telling who we fall in love with or become infatuated with.

When people are in unhealthy emotional relationships, they will not realize the true sense of love that is mutual; one that goes both ways. When you fall in love with a person intentionally for the money they have, you will have emotional relations with the money and not the person. The result of this unhealthy affection is obsession and, it is not a good track to be in. Love is spontaneous but, we can choose to stop ourselves from getting emotionally attached to people who we have no future with. Attachment emotionally is pretty powerful and, it is vital for you to rid you heart and mind of those relationships that are not going to benefit you wholesomely in the long run.

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