Five Ways To Cut Sugar From Your Diet

Pre-sweetened products like breakfast cereals and some packaged goods are laden with sugar. Taking in large quantities of sugar all at once elevates our blood sugar levels too fast. We experience sudden energy then a swift plunge in our energy level that makes our butt drag on the floor half an hour later. To offset this, we tend to reach for something to increase our blood sugar level. This succession of spiking and dipping causes us to eat way too much. By eliminating needless sources of sugar, eventually we will be able to lose weight.

1. Cut out the sugary sodas. Regular sodas contain sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and some studies have shown one regular soda a day will add 15 pounds a year. As well, sugar will make you thirsty. Drinking more soda to slake your thirst will only increase it. Diet sodas may have no calories, but the sugar alcohol turns to fat if your body does not use it, so it's best to limit the diet soda to one or two a day.

2. Eat some fresh fruit every day. If you drink fruit juice to meet your daily total of fruit once in a while, you might be okay, but don't make a regular practice of it. What you drink absorbs quicker than what you eat. In addition, some fruit juices contain extra calories and sugar. Eat some grapes or an orange instead of juice. Fruit has natural sugars that will satisfy your sugar craving without overdoing it. If you eat some fruit, it will help to fill you up and satisfy you longer than fruit juice will. Plus, you get the fiber most juice doesn't have.

3. Begin your day with a bowl of oatmeal. Pre sweetened cereal may provide you with a speedy breakfast, but you'll need to eat a ton of it to hold off until your morning snack. Have a bowl of oatmeal instead. While oatmeal doesn't always have an appetizing effect on us, it's terrific for sticking with you. Oatmeal offers more protein and fiber than cold cereals will keep you going all day. Steel cut oatmeal is best.

4. Eat a handful of nuts. While nuts are high in fat and calories, they have lots of protein, vitamin E, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids, depending on which nut you choose. Nuts have the added advantages of filling you up, so you won't be hungry, and they are natural mood boosters. Be careful not to eat too many - I eat a handful or at most an ounce. Walnuts have the most Omega 3's.

5. Avoid sweet treats in the workplace. Look around in any office: what do you see? There is always one or two people that has a jar of chocolate candy or hard candy sitting on their desk. Your boss might bring fattening and sugary snacks and donuts on special occasions or just to butter you up. Steer clear of the office snacks. All of this extra sugar just adds to your bottom line. Eating your breakfast at home can ward off your desire for that extra sugar in the morning. Keep your own stash of healthy snacks in your desk so you do not feel the need to treat ourselves elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the dreaded sugar is in most everything we consume in one form or another. Indulging it may be okay once in awhile, but we usually eat too much. Make a decision today to seek out those hidden sources of sugar and get rid of them.

Elizabeth Ramer has followed many weight loss diets since 2nd grade, and is currently on the You on a Diet weight management program. Stop by and read my blog,and subscribe to my feed.

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