Food Addiction — Is It Real?

Food addiction is becoming a serious problem and it is not restricted to adults. Even kids can suffer from addiction to sugar and certain types of foods that can cause serious health problems like obesity.

It is not only addiction to the particular types of foods loaded with sugar or as they are termed, junk foods, but there is a good amount of emotional attachment as well. The craving has similar effect cocaine or any other drug has on the human brain.

Sugar and fat can produce cravings

Experts in addiction and those who are doing real time research to keep people off addiction have revealed that studies have shown that sugar in itself can produce similar cravings.

It is not that only adults can be affected by sugar addiction, but kids can also face similar problems. Amphetamine and cocaine addiction are doing tremendous damage to the human brain and people end up with serious emotional hazards as well.

Experts have also shown a direct link between sugar and fat food addiction to brain endorphins or the opiates of the brain. It has the same effect drug and cocaine addiction has on the addict.

Sweets and fats are known to calm down anxiety levels in people and animals with the effects of the brain's opiates. If you like sugar and fat in large quantities and want them continuously as part of your daily diet, you may end up getting addicted to them.

Food addiction is real and cannot be taken lightly with the amount of fast food dependence in people these days. Most of them are high in sugar and fats and can easily get you addicted.

Changing lifestyles have led to more dependence on these types of foods and you cannot stay away from them if you are always looking for a quick bite. Ungodly hours at the work place and punishing work schedules are making it difficult for people to take in their meals properly.

Change your diet

They have to rely increasingly on foods that are high in sugar and fat content and the habit catches on fast. The comfort zone of the brain keeps craving for foods rich in sugar and fats.

The physical as well as the genuine emotional addiction is real and here to stay among a large section of the people coast to coast.  Food addicts are also being treated by doctors like sugar addicts were for diabetes related problems.

To stay away from addiction and not let the habit stick on you, your best bet would be to go for stuff that are healthy. Health food is always made up of measured quantities of sugar and fat and is not harmful even if they are taken on a regular basis.

You can safely stick to foods that are healthy and do not pose any risks of addiction. But fats and sugar are primarily responsible for the kind of food addiction that is prevalent these days among men and women coast to coast.

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