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What’s this all about? I’m Dr. Iris Bell here to let you in on even more practical secrets to overcoming food addiction.

We have developed a step-by-step self help program  and want to share ALL of our top “7 Secrets To Overcoming Food Addiction” with you today in a special video…

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What Will You Learn From Watching This Valuable 42 Minute Video?

  • You’ll discover the ‘Insider Secrets’ to beating food addiction step-by-step
  • How one simple trick can cut down your food cravings (…and it has nothing to do directly with diets or foods!)
  • You’ll discover finally that food addiction is real…that it involves changes in your brain and body chemistry
  • The single most important step you must take for your self before you can overcome food addiction for good (Hint: Not knowing this will almost guarantee your failure!)
  • You’ll discover my BIGGEST secrets to blow right past ‘Candida,’ ‘Hypoglycemia,’ and ‘Gluten Intolerance’ to get yourself back on a lasting even keel!

 …and many many more time-tested food cravings and food addiction secrets straight from the mouth of a leading researcher in holistic medicine and alternative health care. Click Here To Get Started Today

Grab your spot now and you too can have some peace from having food cravings rule your life 24/7 like this…

Cindy R., age 25, food addict.

Started out in college buying cookie packages from the dorm vending machine…all night long.

Used to eat a whole loaf of sour dough bread and butter in one long binge.

Gained 30 pounds as a food addict.

Then when trying to get help for an entirely different problem (chronic ringing in the ears and dizziness) she learned about “masked” food addiction, how the foods she most craved were feeding her chronic symptoms, even though she was ‘sure” the food was fine because it made her feel good, even ‘high’…for a while.

She tried the Re-Control Food Plan, stopped being driven to distraction by cravings for cookies and bread, and lost the 30 pounds (without even setting out to lose weight directly).

It took her only 3 weeks of food testing and about 6 months on the program to be sure she got on top of the food addiction…

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Why Did Record This Video?

I had to learn about food addiction outside of medical school. They don’t teach this material to doctors in training. As a psychiatrist and alternative medicine physician, I wanted better tools to help patients who were sent to me because their doctors thought they were “crazy.”

But, I had seen “crazy”, and these people didn’t have those kinds of problems. They had very tough problems, but they were triggered by specific foods they ate (and sometimes by chemicals they breathed).

Yes, stress often provided a trigger to set off the reactions and the food cravings, but it was only one of multiple types of external factors that affected people with food addiction. Identifying all of the triggers (biological, chemical, physical), not just stressful moments, is crucial.

This powerful video was created just for you, so that you can avoid the kinds of long term suffering and confusion that so many people experience in trying to find help for their food addiction and related conditions.

And quite frankly, I want to give more people the tools to take back control of themselves. I want to help people empower themselves to avoid the ridicule and rejection they may experience from health care professionals who should know better, but simply don’t. So now I’m sharing with you the techniques that work, the ones you need to know, and with this video, you can watch  them over and over again.

With the bonus mp3 download, you can even listen to them whenever you want, wherever you want!

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