Food Addicts Anonymous – Can It Help?

Food addiction is a real problem that is being taken care of by food addicts anonymous and they have a 12 step process to get of it. Addiction to food is like dependence on cocaine and drugs and unless you can get out of it, chances are that you could end up with serious health hazards. Foods like chips and ice cream are addictive and you never know how much you can keep consuming them while watching your favorite baseball team on TV.

Straight tips

But food addiction is taken care of by food addicts anonymous and they have straight tips that can come in handy. Over eating and addiction to food are different as you can overeat, but avoid becoming an addict. Addiction is usually seen in some special types of foods that are high in sugar content and contain greasy fats. They are usually fast foods, but normal every day diet rich in sugar and fats can be addictive as well.

Food addicts coast to coast are finding out ways to kick the habit and they are trying all means. Food addiction is real and cannot be passed up as being harmless. No one seems to have a craving for harmless bland food stuffs like cucumber, but they can easily get their addiction triggered by foods high on carbohydrates, sugar and fat. You should first identify your trigger foods and then go about reducing your dependence on them.

Salty foods can also trigger addiction unconsciously. You should treat them with utmost caution and try to introspect when you crave for certain foods and why you really want them so desperately. Is it some deep rooted depression or anxiety that is driving you to take them regularly?

Or, are you bored and in a bid to kick off boredom, you are taking those food stuffs? Try and change your routine by playing video games, listening to music or chatting up friends.

Healthy food options

Times for going on binge eating can vary from person to person. For some, it could be the mornings, afternoons, evenings or any time of the day. Some food addicts are also known to get up in the middle of the night and eat up. Bad choices of food stuffs are primarily responsible for such addiction in many cases. Addiction to food is real and it is proving to be a major problem for obesity and other health hazards.

If you feel hungry at times and are bent on snacking, you should rely on healthy food stuffs that are home made. Try snacking with whatever is found in the kitchen and is considered healthy like fruits and veggies that are fresh. Diet foods can also be addictive and you should stay off them. There is an emotional element in food addiction that you need to get out of soon and you can get hands-on help from food addicts anonymous.

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