Food Addicts Anonymous Weight Loss Review

Food Addicts Anonymous is a 12-step program designed to help people control their appetite for addictive foods. It is a plan that recognizes the need to submit to a "higher power" from which dieters can draw strength during the weight loss process. The plan includes well-balanced meals for optimum nutrition while working towards the weight loss goals.

Because of the increased awareness of the health risks resulting from obesity and weight gain, many are beginning to seriously take control of their health by following diet plans and taking weight loss products. In this review, we will have a closer look at this dietary program to determine whether it may help people achieve weight loss, especially those who find themselves addicted to certain fattening foods.

Program at a Glance

The 12-Step program offered by Food Addicts Anonymous basically involves the abstinence from foods containing sugar, flour and wheat. The Website says that addiction to these ingredients may be considered a disease. It further says that recovery takes place one day at a time and should be supported by "honesty, an open mind, and willingness to share [one's] experience, strength, and hope."

Five of the 12 steps are: admitting powerlessness over food addiction; believing in a greater power that could restore sanity; deciding to turn one's life over to God; admitting to having wronged others; asking God to eliminate shortcomings and making amends with others. These 12 steps was most likely based on that of Alcoholics Anonymous® World Services Inc.

Program in Focus

The Website provides program members access to literature, food plans, tools of recovery, online discussions, and various related events. All these have been included to serve as support for those struggling with a physical addiction or abnormal eating behavior.

The organization stresses the importance of applying the principle of anonymity among fellow members.

The program enforces stringent dietary guidelines which includes: following a diet free of Caffeine, eating of fresh fruits, measuring certain foods before eating, avoiding corn starch or other thickeners, and not skipping meals. There are also meal suggestions which include particular types of foods such as meats, fats, dairy products, and even condiments.

Diet Lifestyle

This program is not an easy one to follow as it involves a drastic change in lifestyle. Moreover, it is designed to meet the needs of people who struggle with a specific addiction to sugar, flour or wheat. Dieters who are simply after weight loss may want to consider other options.

This nutritional program may not require the use of safe and effective all-natural supplements that contain the popular ingredient, Hoodia Gordonii. This herbal element taken from a South African plant may help improve the weight loss potential of all types of diet plans. Hoodia has been shown in clinical tests to have long-term effectiveness.


• Incorporate a well-balanced diet
• Provides dieters with various kinds of support systems


• Best for individuals with serious food addictions
• Does not include supplements which contain Hoodia Gordonii
• Requires a drastic lifestyle change
• Numerous guidelines makes plan difficult to maintain

Final Thoughts

Food Addicts Anonymous is a highly specific dietary program which is designed for people with certain food addictions. It may not be suitable for those who simply want to lose excess pounds. The program requires a lifestyle change with numerous guidelines to follow which many may find hard to maintain. Furthermore, the program does not incorporate the use of supplements that contain Hoodia Gordonii, a powerful appetite suppressant, which could help dieters better control their food intake.

We believe that individuals who do not have to deal with any addiction to certain foods would benefit more from other weight loss solutions. The use of a safe, effective and all-natural supplement that increases metabolism and controls hunger is a more practical alternative which does not involve a major lifestyle change. It is important however, that dieters choose only products manufactured by reputable companies.

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