Food Craving ? Junk Food Addiction

We hear a lot about what causes food craving especially junk food addiction but not a lot of why we continue with our food craving after these causes go away. For example one cause for us to start craving food may have been because of a death of a close relative that causes depression. We start eating junk food in greater and greater quantities.

Time usually resolves the food craving issue and your depression reduces and eventually disappears. So why have you still have got this food craving for more and more junk food? I am sorry to say that it is because of a plan.

Most junk food is bought, very little is home made. If you made junk food at home you would probably make it from good nutritious ingredients that contain very little of what causes the continual food craving to eat more. I define junk food made at home as food that is not required to maintain your health but as a treat and not one that causes a food craving for more because it has good stuff in it and none of the stuff that causes craving. For example we all love chocolate. Most bought chocolate tastes great but at the same time is loaded with sugar (A real craving ingredient) whereas you may make chocolate at home and use cacao bean powder and natural sweeteners. Bought chocolate is made from cocoa, which is derived from cacao beans but refined and most of the goodness taken out of them plus lots of sugar is added which causes the food craving.

So what is this plan? Before I go any further I will say that there is nothing wrong with the occasional splurge on a night out eating junk food.  What you have to keep in mind is the "occasional". Let me ask you this, "how do the junk food conglomerates stay in business?" By making you crave for more and more of their junk food of course. How do they do this? By loading their junk food full of all the ingredients that causes the food craving for more. These are things like sugar, bad fats, bad oils, salt and a host of other bad things that causes the craving for more.

If you have a craving for something and keep wanting more and more isn't that akin to addiction! Don't we call addicts' druggies? In this case if someone who is craving for heroin is called an addict couldn't someone food craving for junk food be called an addict in the same vein. Of course they could. But let me tell you something – It's not entirely your fault.

It is especially in the food conglomerates interests to make you crave for more and more of their product. The stinking thing about this is they can trumpet that they are doing nothing illegal. Sure they are not according to the law but morally that is another thing. So on they go loading their junk food with all the ingredients that cause a craving for more feeding your food craving. It is not in their interests to load them with natural sweeteners and such that will not cause you to crave for more and more.

Remember cigarettes, how many years did the cigarette companies say that there was nothing harmful in smoking. They were doing nothing illegal either they said. (Actually they were, they hid the analyses that proved they were causing cancer) That did not help all the cancer patients, did it? Isn't smoking cigarettes a habit and therefore a drug habit that makes you crave for more.

Getting back to junk food addiction, eating junk food and the subsequent food craving for more isn't bad for your health, is it? Do you really believe this when you weigh twice as much as you should, run out of breath, get all those body problems you did not seem to have before, reduced quality of life and probably die years before your time. Do you want to continue living that way?

The thing is, is that there are so many ways you can satisfy your need for food without the food cravings. Ways you can indulge in those favorite chocolate dishes and other kinds of sweet deserts that are just as enjoyable as sugar sweetened junk types.

I should point out that some cravings are natural. It is well know that pregnant women have food craving and there are many reasons for this. After all a woman's body is working overtime to grow a healthy baby. Some food cravings are simply the result of the body's need for extra calories during pregnancy. Generally though, these cravings are for unusual foods not junk food.

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