How Can Addiction Treatment Work

Addiction Treatment

Everybody comes into contact with addiction,sometime or other. It might be through personal use or it might becasue of a close friend or loved one
There are many, many addictions, more than most people realize..

Addicitions can be classified into 2 main areas:

We are all aware of substance addictions, this includes:
Drugs - Recreational and Prescription
Refined Sugar

However there are many more proccess addictions These include some of the following:

Activity Addictions. These can include, but are not limited to:

The Internet
Spending Money
Self Loathing
Computer and Video Gaming
Dangerous pursuits

For whatever reason the mind is feeling pain. An addiction is a way of avoiding that pain. Not just not dealing with the pain, but avoiding acknowledging it altogether.

Do you for instance exercise because you need to get fit or lose weight, or has exercise become an addiction. Do you fret and worry, get irritable or anxious, when for some reason you cannot get to the gym? This is addictive behavior..

Everyone has their own ego problems. That might not seem possible, when you see images ,interviews films of extremely popular figures in sports, tv and movies.However, even celebrities and business leaders, the rich and famous hide their pain and do not deal with or take responsibility for their own pain.

These emotional issues or beliefs have been nurtured all through childhood and into adulthood. To a large extent they are false beliefs, but we choose to believe them, as though they are an emotional crutch.

There are considered to be four main or common false beliefs that are the cornerstone of nearly all addictions.

# I am not capable of dealing with my emotional pain
#I must be unworthy of another person's love
# Only Other people are my means to love
#I need to control the thoughts and feelings of others towards me

Do you need addiction treatment. Find out the facts first.

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