How to Break Sugar Addiction Eating a Natural Snack

Many health related sources of information keep sending out warnings that sugar became the most common addictive food (drug) worldwide. Sugar in any form tends to weaken the health of body tissue as well as decreases immunity. The microorganisms love simple sugars, therefore sweet diet suits them perfectly. Bacteria, fungi and parasites have a paradise to grow and thrive inside the sugar-saturated human body.

No wonder more and more people - overweight and skinny ones – search for an answer on how to break sugar addiction.

When sugar is consumed only occasionally, as special treat, that does not count as an addiction and these small amounts can not cause much damage. However, when sugary foods begin to replace wholesome meals and nutritious foods, that's when the problems arise. As a result of sugar abuse many people suffer from nutritional deficiencies, hypoglycemia and even "sugar diabetes".

Throughout the years, many theories appeared on how to break sugar addiction. Scientific studies show that vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc and chromium can help to reduce the craving for sugar. But since I'm always searching for natural methods without harmful side effects, I'm happy to tell you about this one.

Barbara Flores in her book The Great Sunflower Book claims that eating sunflower seeds instead of sugary snacks can help you break the sugar addiction.You have nothing to lose if you test this advice for yourself. Raw sunflower kernels are the most nutritious and the toasted kernels are more flavorful (they have nutty taste).

A word of warning:

· One half cup of sunflower seeds has about 400 calories. Keep that in mind if you're trying to lose weight.

· For the people with high sodium levels it's important to stick with unsalted seeds.

John Douglas, M.D. recommends sunflower seeds to many patients with cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure and occasionally even to reduce allergic reactions - all with great success.

There's one more interesting fact I came across while researching the sugar addiction. According to the traditional Chinese health system the craving for sugar (sweet taste) is considered as a craving for female energy (yin) - longing for comfort and security. A need for spicy, salted foods, on the other hand, means lack of the male energy (yang) - strength.

In conclusion, snacking on nutritious raw seeds and nuts, fruits and vegetables – instead of candy bar, filled with sugar, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors – always seemed as a good idea to me. And the next time you feel tempted to grab a candy – or when you start wondering about how to break sugar addiction, give some thought to a sunflower seed alternative.


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