how to stop sugar craving

The real problem is not how to stop sugar craving. No matter what kind of diet you choose, or how well you stick to it, at the end of it, the weight will already be on the way back. You will get on the scales one day and realize that you carry more weight than when you started. That is what happens after any diet that has caused you to reduce your calories.

If you lose weight by cutting down your calories the weight will always return, and always with an extra bonus. Each time you diet it becomes harder to get rid of weight which is always more than before you began the last diet. If you diet often, it will ultimately lead you to obesity.  I know you find that hard to believe so I am going to prove it to you.

Our body was simply not designed for diets.  You have a metabolism which is meant to moderate your energy and weight without too much help from you. Not so long ago most people relied on their metabolism to maintain a normal weight.  These days, diets have become so popular that many self serving pseudo ‘experts’ have started to suggest that everyone should live on a ‘balanced diet’ regardless of weight.

Unless we get a wake up to reality check and see some radical changes, I foresee a future where everybody will be bordering on obesity, if not already obese. By then, we will be conditioned to believe that every person needs a nutritionist on hand to prescribe what foods we eat according to their expert hunch of the day.

I wish I had a way to prove to you how ridicules this whole diet industry has become - and how dangerous.  In fact, I wish doctors, even scientists would take a closer look at this area of health which they have so readily abandoned. It is being handled by unqualified people who do not have even a smidgen of medical training, let alone a science degree.  This is very scary stuff because these diets are not based on science and they are doing us harm.  The ‘experts’ who expect us to follow their diets have steered us away from what used to be our traditional diet.

We are witnessing a sanctioned intervention by unqualified people who operate on the premise that if the food looks good on a plate and it is placed next to something green and leafy, then it must be healthy. I doubt they even realize that our body was not designed to digest and to process a great deal of the food they recommend. Their ignorance is no excuse. They speak with authority and that gives them responsibility for what they have to say. When all else is said; they serve their own agenda not yours.

When you reduce your calories you deprive our body of the food it relies on. That triggers a ‘famine’ signal from your brain. Your metabolism will now work extra hard to turn every carbohydrate you eat into fat that can be stored on your body. Your body needs to build up reserves to cope with the famine and to protect you from starvation.

The more often you diet, the more you confuse your brain. The metabolism becomes ever more likely to conserve your carbohydrates and store them as fat. In the face of a famine, your body is programmed to store as much fat as it can get to guard you against the coming food shortage.  Your body is not able to discern that you are causing the famine.

That is why losing weight becomes more difficult with each diet. It is also why more weight is gained after each diet. Your body is simply protecting you against the food shortages it has come to expect.

The question of how to stop sugar craving has become redundant, at least to me. I no longer get cravings. I devised my own plan. It required only a small change to my lifestyle, but it enables me to eat as much as I want and to never crave for food again.  My own plan took me from 80kilos, the biggest I had ever been, to 64 kilos in just a few months.  To this day I have never put the weight back on.

Kirsten Plotkin is an expert on how to lose weight without a diet. If you are interested in that subject, I strongly recommend her book My Own Plan. It covers five years of successful permanent weight loss, it is a must read for anyone who has a persistent weight problem and is tired of diets that promise weight loss but never work permanently.

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