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Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership - A Comprehensive Learning Program


Research is clear: Emotional Intelligence (EQ), http://www.ihhp.com/what_is_eq.htm, is the single greatest contributor to personal excellence and leadership. Increased EQ moves individuals and teams to increased resilience in the face of change, enhanced performance, better communication and greater success! The Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership, http://ihhp.com/training.htm, curriculum has been designed to provide learning for employees with the express objective of empowering individuals to take more responsibility for their behavior and performance.

The following program options, when combined, create a powerful and lasting learning experience:

EQ Training Programs

Each session can be delivered in half or full days

Session One: Self Awareness and Emotional Management

The session provides individuals with the following opportunities:

- Increase awareness of the drivers of high performance and the key concepts of emotional intelligence

- Understand the brain science of emotions that drive our behavior

- Increase Self-Awareness through self-assessment and interactive exercises, to identify the gaps between our intention and the impact we have on others

- Learn strategies to Increase self management and self control during times of adversity, conflict and change

- Practice techniques through interactive exercises

Session Two: Emotional Connection: Coaching and Inspiring Others

The session provides individuals with the following opportunities:

- Review successes and challenges applying the EQ techniques learned in Day One

- Learn what it means to truly connect with others and develop relationships that inspire and engage others

- Learn strategies to develop Empathy and connection with others

- Develop skills to become a more effective coach and inspire others

- Understand how to approach difficult conversations in a nonthreatening way

- Practice techniques through interactive exercises

Session Three: The Three Conversations of Leadership

The session provides individuals with the following opportunities:

- Review successes and challenges applying the EQ techniques learned in sessions one and two

- Understand the importance and impact of the Three Conversations of Leadership:

- Daily Conversations

- Difficult conversations

- Courageous Conversations

- Practice the skill of having Daily Conversation that build relationships based on trust and respect.

- Learn and practice techniques for having Difficult Conversations:

- Giving honest and candid feedback without leaving the other person feeling “beaten up”

- Holding people accountable in an engaging way

- Giving bad news or saying “no” in a way that ensures the person feels valued

- Learn the Art of Courageous Conversations: techniques to speak your truth when there is tension and conflict.

All of our training programs are facilitated using engaging presentations of key concepts, a variety of group and individual exercises, discussions and case studies. These exercises help to motivate, illustrate key learning points, demonstrate important skills and 'drill down' to the drivers of our behavior.

Support and Reinforcement of Learning

The quality of a learning program means nothing, if individuals are not held accountable for practicing the skills they learned when they get back on the job. This is critical to ensure that new pathways will develop and the improved behaviors and performance that result from these pathways. When individuals and organizations start to see significant new skills displayed on the job, this is when learning becomes exciting – and contagious!

EI360™ Feedback Report:

This report summarizes the key multi-rater assessment data from up to 15 coworkers (manager, peer, direct report, key client, family members and others). In order for the EI360 to be a tool to effect change it is important that this is delivered as part of a program or one on one coaching.

The EI360 allows individuals to:

- Gauge their level of emotional intelligence;

- Compare their self-perception with that of others;

- Better understand how their behavior affects performance;

- And, Alert them to potential derailers of their success.

One-on-One EQ Coaching

The most powerful form of coaching is at the individual level. IHHP’s one on one EQ Coaching consists of three to six one-on-one telephone sessions. These sessions are designed to provide support and accountability to each person in reaching the personal development goals they committed to in the training program. This Combined with IHHP’s powerful Emotional Intelligence training programs and the EI360 feedback tool, EQ Coaching will bring the support, focus and accountability individuals need for personal and professional growth.

Specifically, an EQ Coach will help you to:

- Make a commitment to your own personal development;

- Understand the greater purpose of your life and work;

- Define and hold you accountable to personal goals;

- Increase your ability to handle adversity and setbacks;

- Manage your emotions when tension, change and uncertainty hits;

- Improve your ability to connect and form b relationships;

- Coach others to improve their EQ – including your children!

- Enable you to stay on track by remembering your purpose and vision.

Extended Learning Sessions

Our Extended Learning Sessions (ELS) are an impactful cost effective way to keep people inspired and engaged in the learning process. These sessions allow an unlimited number of participants who have gone through a training program to attend presentations conducted over the web and telephone, which will reinforce, support and encourage their continued personal development.

The ELS Series consists of two one-hour sessions spread two to four weeks apart after the training. They consist of a short review of key concepts taught in the training, approaches and ideas for implementing those strategies, and presentation of new advanced techniques. In depth Q & A and a focus on application at work (and at home) are used to further develop leadership abilities. The structure of the calls follows the Emotional Intelligence model:

- Session 1: Self-Awareness & Emotional Management – understand the emotions driving our behaviors, and identifying our unique triggers and default behaviors. Practice self-management techniques to stay calm when there is tension and conflict.

- Session 2: Emotional Connection and Personal Leadership – use EQ coaching techniques to inspire and engage others. Commit to taking action and ongoing personal development.

The Extended Learning sessions are most powerful when combined with the Playing Big interactive eLearning program, which is used to reinforce and deepen learning in between sessions.

Playing Big – Interactive eLearning Program:

Research shows that developing Emotional Intelligence competencies requires repetition and support. IHHP’s interactive computer-based training program Playing Big, offers what you need to make real change in your personal and professional life.

Playing Big consists of six different modules that are presented, one per week, over a six-week period. Segments start and end with an inspiring and thought-provoking video of Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry discussing techniques to improve performance and leadership. Each module also includes questions and exercises to further enhance learning as you master the critical skills of Emotional Intelligence.

Topics within the Playing Big program include:

- How to inspire and motivate others;

- How to recognize barriers to performance – in ourselves and in others;

- Tools to self-soothe and improve impulse control during challenging times;

- How to deal more effectively with difficult relationships and conflict;

- Techniques to increase empathy – a critical skill to connecting and coaching others;

- Tips on how to get to the top level of performance, and live to enjoy it; and,

- Exciting new research in human behavior and performance.



Bill Benjamin is the CEO of IHHP, http://www.ihhp.com, contributing to its status as a world leader in the exciting field of Emotional Intelligence, http://ihhp.com/what_is_eq.htm. Bill is a seasoned business executive with over 14 years of experience and is responsible for the sales, marketing, financial and business development areas of IHHP. Bill is also a highly acclaimed and award winning keynote speaker, http://ihhp.com/keynotes.htm. His passion and enthusiasm for Emotional Intelligence and its impact on performance leave audiences inspired and wanting to hear more. Prior to starting IHHP Inc., Bill was Vice President of a large computer software firm, leading the sales, consulting, and marketing divisions. He was also responsible for customer relations and helped the company build a large and successful business partner network. One of Bill's passions is coaching and mentoring others. He is highly sought after as an executive coach for Fortune 500 companies, whose senior leaders look to him to help them understand how to apply Emotional Intelligence to improve their leadership skills and get to the next level in their careers.

Bill has a degree in Mathematics with a major in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo in Canada. In addition to leveraging his background in sales to motivate and inspire more extroverted groups (e.g. sales and marketing), Bill's degree in Mathematics and technical background give him credibility and shared experience when he is speaking to groups that are more analytical in nature (Financial, IT, engineering, etc).

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