Making Organic Bar Food Snacks More Palatable to Young Stomachs

It’s healthy, it’s disgusting, and it might possibly be the hardest task on earth to get your kids to chow down on a snack bar made from organic foods. How easy is it to wean your children away from their potato chips, candy bars and chocolate coated everything’s? It’s a Herculean task and one that doesn’t become any easier when they see the sometimes disgusting organic bar food snack.

The last thing that you want your child to do is to ingest toxins and pesticides from non-organic bars, but unless you find a way to make the organic bar food snacks more palatable to their young stomachs, you will find that you have a rebellion on your hands, especially if you went and threw off all of their most favored junk foods!

This is almost definitely the wrong tack to with junk- and fast-food addicted children. The first step that you need to take is to introduce these foods slowly to their palates. You might be worried about the non-organic foods they’re consuming now, but remember that habits of a lifetime cannot be changed in the blink of an eye.

In essence you will need to retrain your children to eat healthy and this includes eating healthy snacks such as organic bar food snacks among other things. Take it in baby steps and proceed slowly and with caution. The first thing you need to do when going organic is to taste the snacks that you’re going to foist on your children.

If it looks green and disgusting even to your eyes, then it will almost definitely gain a negative response from your kids. If it looks marginally pleasing to the eye, and the ingredients in it sounds interesting, you will first of all want to have a sample go at it.

Remember that your adult palate might be different from your child’s palate so tread cautiously here. What you might like in the way of organic bar food and snacks, might not appeal to your kids but then again you might have hit the taste bud jackpot of all time and found the best junk food substitute for your kids.

And if you’re into health bar foods you might find an organic bar food that might suit your palate at the same time. Of course this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but by experimenting a little you might be able to find the perfect snack not only for your kids but also for yourself as well!

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