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From here, you will be able to navigate around the site using the list of weeks and bonuses that you see in the left-hand sidebar.

Just click on the link for a specific week, and you will be sent right over to view the content and download any materials available for that week.

Start your individual program with the Quick Start Module week. It includes the "7 Secrets To Overcoming Food Addiction" video, along with bonuses to get you launched with an overview of the topics we'll be covering overall in this course.

Members who stick with the program for the first few weeks will get a special bonus after week 2 ends, and members who complete the whole program will receive a very special bonus at the end of the whole course (end of week 14).

Pace yourself week by week - complete each week's steps and then go on to the next week's materials.

You will always have lifetime access to it all. But, taking things one day and then one week at a time is the way to go with any addiction problem, including foods. When you complete the whole course, every module will be open and available to you to review whenever you want to do so.

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Iris Bell, MD PhD


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