Week 14

!Week 14 Module
WOW WEEKWow. You made it. Congratulate yourself!  This is a big milestone - reward yourself accordingly.

What do you need now?  Ongoing support. Support from people who have also been there...done that.

There are many ways to find the support that will sustain you in the long haul. There is literally a Food Addicts Anonymous group. There are numerous types of forums and blogs online where you can find new friends and fans who will give you practical tips, advice, and words of encouragement when you get discouraged down the road.

People do better with support. No matter what your problem.

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  • Check out at least one online group and search locally for one in-person support group that could help you maintain your progress and keep growing.
  • Can't find a group?  Start one.
  • Don't like groups? Go find a local counselor or health educator to help you through the rough times. Someone you establish your connection with now, when you are on top of your game, so that you can call on them for support if the going gets tough again.
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  • We'll Be In Touch With More Programs To Build On Today's Success
  • Grab your FREE BONUS digital book download in the Week 14 Bonus area
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