Week 2

Week 2 Module
This week we'll get a better understanding of how you eat, what things trigger your food cravings, and which foods you eat compulsively. Before you make changes in what and how you eat, let's just observe you in your usual life...For the next 3-4 days, use the Re-Control Worksheet (see Download below) to keep a record of everything you eat, when you eat it, and what is going on in your environment (including stressors) when you feel any food cravings.

This will help us pinpoint the likely triggers foods and trigger situations for your cravings.

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  • Download and complete a 3 to 4-day record using the "Re-Control Food Intake, Food Cravings, and Stress" Worksheet
  • Download and listen to the relaxation exercise, "The Dawn"
Downloads (RIGHT-Click on Link and Save on Your Computer Hard Drive)
What's Coming Up Next?
  • Learning about food families and how foods can cross-sensitize to increase cravings
  • Using your Food/Stress/Environment Worksheet record to develop your own food test plan
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