Week 9

!Week 9 Module
This week is on keeping yourself motivated.Sometimes even after you have decided what your objective is, it can be difficult to stay motivated. You need to do things that will help keep the excitement going. Look at
the long-term benefits of what you are trying to
accomplish. Think about how good you will feel when your goal has been met.

Sometimes it helps to see what you are working towards.

Many people keep inspiration bulletin boards or journals. Find pictures that represent what you are trying to achieve. Place them on your inspiration board or anywhere else that you will see often. Put pictures in a journal and
write about why you want to accomplish this goal

Set intermediate goals or milestones...Know when you reach each one...

And, reward yourself along the way.

Don't hold out for some far distant goal. Decide on some rewards that don't blow your food addiction Re-Control diet...ones that you genuinely want and won't feel guilty allowing yourself to have and enjoy. Is there some new electronic toy that you've had your eye on? Some clothes, shoes, or another thing that you don't "need" to survive, but that you would just love. What about taking yourself and your significant other out for a live theater or musical performance?

As we've said before, make a plan, and put it in writing. Write down the name of your goal and then list all of the steps necessary to
reaching your objective. Refer to your list often to help
yourself stay on task. Sometimes putting things in writing
makes it easier to accomplish. As you complete each step,
check it off. Having this visual reminder of how you are
doing can help to keep you motivated to continue.

Reward yourself as you complete each small step of your goal.
You can use smaller rewards in between the larger milestones -- Anything that makes you feel good, such as treating yourself to a bubble bath, a movie, a walk in the park, etc., can help to keep you feeling the motivation needed to
reach your goal.

Stay away from negative people who try to discourage you
from reaching your goal. Anyone who tells you that you will only fail anyway, is not a friend. Keep inspirational people and things around you. Look for a mentor. Someone who has already done what you are trying to achieve can be a great source of information and motivation.

Sometimes, when you are having trouble feeling motivated, the answer can be as simple as just jumping in and doing it! Quite often, if you just start, you will find yourself feeling inspired to keep going. You'll find that the first step is sometimes the hardest...

“People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.”

- Zig Ziglar

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