Overcoming Binge Eating Disorder: 10 Tips

Binge eating disorder is a big challenge for many people. Nearly every person overeats from time to time especially during occasions such as birthdays, wedding and Christmas party. But if overeating is already a habit, as well as, uncontrollable practice, you might be suffering from binge eating disorder. Most binge eaters use food to cope with pressure and other negative emotions. However, their compulsive overeating just makes them suffer worse. However, the good news is, binge eating disorder is curable! With specialized help and support, you can learn a lot about overcoming binge eating disorder.

What is a binge eating disorder? Binge eating disorder is the most common eating disorder that is characterized by compulsive overeating. People eat huge amounts of food while feeling out of control and helpless to discontinue. A binge eating episode usually lasts for about two hours, but some individual binge on and off all day long. Binge eaters frequently eat even when they’re not hungry and persistently eat long after they’re filled. They may also cosset themselves as quick as they can while hardly registering what they’re eating or savoring.

Binge eating disorder is characterize by recurrent episodes of uncontrollable binge eating, feeling distressed during and after bingeing, frequent fasting, vomiting and excessive exercising. People with binge eating disorder struggle a lot with feelings of disgust, guilt, and depression. They are concerned about what the compelling eating will do to their bodies and bang themselves up for their lack of self-discipline. They seriously want to stop binge eating, but they feel like they can’t.

Here are the 10 helpful tips on overcoming binge eating disorders:
1.    After eating, you may want to brush your teeth in order to remind you that there’s no more food after meals.
2.    You can put a sign on the refrigerators door or kitchen stating “closed past dinner” if that’s what you prefer.
3.    If you’re anxious, and stressed out, find a non-food means of coping with your emotions. Identify which particular emotions trigger you to eat more and plan in what way you can overcome this circumstances.
4.    Drink cold, decaffeinated, and sugar-free raspberry tea. It tastes perfectly and keeps you full for long.
5.    Eat in a place without interruption. The most conducive place for eating is in the dining room. When eating, make sure you are not engaging in any other activities such as watching TV, listen to music, or playing computer games. Instead, eat your meal graciously with your family.
6.    If possible do not take any food 3-4 hours before going to sleep as you don’t have a chance anymore to digests this food.
7.    Eat 3 balanced meals a day. These include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make sure its fiber-rich meal and low in saturated fat.
8.    Don't lose hope. Don't let binge eating disorder control your life any longer. Be strong and face whatever obstacles you may encounter in terms of overcoming binge eating disorder.
9.    Throw out the entire binge foods. Keep in mind, if food is not readily accessible to you, it will be difficult to binge eat. This applies to going grocery shopping - when you don’t buy items that you might binge eat, it will be easier to overcome when you are at home.
10.    Find time to relax. Relaxation is necessary in clearing your mind and turning away from the binge.  Listen to songs, take a warm bath, indulge yourself, go for a brisk walk regularly, meditate, or imagine yourself somewhere else where binge eating isn’t a part of your life.

If you try all these tips, and none of them work for you, you may want to consider seeking professional help with your doctor or dietitian. Obsessive overeating can be successfully cured with psychotherapy that can teach you how to fight the compulsion to binge, gain more consciousness of the relationship between your emotions and your eating habits, substitute unhealthy lifestyle for healthy ones, and develop helpful stress-reduction methods.

I hope that after reading this article, it did answer your curiosity on how to overcome binge eating disorder safely.

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