Quit Junk Food and Go for Vegges

Junk food is categorized as one of the most tempting &disastrous food item anyone can consume .It causes obesity,heart problems and skin infections too… studies say that too much eating of these kinds of stuff increase the amount of unnecessary fats and calories in our body ,finally making us inactive and obese…over consumption of delicacies like pizzas,noodles,hot dogs, burgers,aerated drinks (and the list is endless)….makes us disabled as we suffer from all sorts of problems including vitamin deficiency….at the same time discourages our mental health and well being .it is quiet important for people to see the wrong side of these things that seem to an addictive attraction among them as it has not done any good to people.and its not just the people who consume all of this to be blamed as the attractive advertisements with tempting mouthwatering offers that tickle the taste buds of the people are the first ones to spoil our health. The oil and harmful contents in them are the root cause of what people popularly say,a distressing oversized life…

One of the best Ways of overcoming these –ve factors in life is having a healthy and balanced diet consisting of all the essential nutrients,carbohydrates,proteins and minerals in correct proportions…people must cut down on all of their sweet temptations and reserve them for appropriate occasions. Foods rich in fibber,like fruits and leafy vegetables as well as foods rich in iron and calcium like milk,pulses cereals,are very important for good digestion.This not only keeps us fit but also makes our minds fresh and good enough to think…exercise is something recommended for all as along with the right food ,this too is a helping hand in keeping ourselves healthy…it’s said good health is wealth so its not just one or two but everyone who should go ahead and take various beneficial steps in order to stay healthy without any breakdown outside or internally…the masses must certainly be knowledgeable and must be aware of the harmful ways in which junk has been effecting us. Strangely don know why…but what we mostly get to hear from people is that junk food is really cheap and is next-door …and this wrong and immature thinking of people has lead to the cost of our lives…which is not what we want . Its better to improve our lives with good eating habits rather than staying depressed with a load of disabilities…so lets just look out for a better ,healthier and happier life ahead…..WRITTEN BY ANDREA ROGGERS

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