Stop Sugar Cravings ? How Do You

You want to stop sugar cravings but do not know how? Lets get one thing straight, craving for sugar is not entirely your fault. If that is the case, whose fault is it?

In this awareness article you'll discover the entire truth about body fat and why we have all these cravings especially sugar cravings. Later on you will be able to find information how to stop sugar cravings.

It would seem that scientists are discovering that your common hamburgers and French fries, all the junk food everybody eats are as addictive as hard drugs.

It is said that cakes and sausages will program your brain into craving more sugary and fattening foods. Junk food is as addictive as smoking or taking drugs and could causes compulsive eating leading to obesity. How the heck are you going to stop sugar cravings against this kind of attack?

You probably already know about the reports and statistics that show the global obesity rate is steadily on the rise for men, women and children. Is there a link? Of course there is, the amount of refined carbohydrates from sugar and white bread and other refined products are the things causing this and we consume more and more of it, half the time not even realising. This is what is causing the alarming rise in obesity?

We are passing on our eating habits more and more to the conglomerates that are providing this fattening unhealthy food. It is in their interests for them to make their products so addictive so you buy more. The thing is that there are other non-addictive sweeteners that can be used to stop sugar cravings. Why don't they use it? They are a bit more expensive thus affecting their bottom line plus not being addictive would affect their bottom line even more.

So how do we get out of this roundabout and stop sugar cravings? First Let's look at what happens when your blood sugar spikes after eating white bread and drinking soft drinks.

After a sugary meal your blood glucose levels rise up. This starts the your pancreas in producing insulin. This lowers your blood your sugar levels.

There are a many problems with this process, every one that contributes to sugar cravings and hence weight gain:

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates the level of glucose, a simple sugar that provides energy, in the blood. The human body requires a steady amount of glucose throughout the day, and that glucose comes from the foods people eat. This is where the problem arises when you intake too much sugar
Insulin tells the body not to release any stored fats to use as energy,
Insulin inhibits other important hormones in your body, one that is responsible for burning fat and
Insulin also causes hunger by reducing your blood sugar levels and in only a couple hours after that sugary meal.

You can probably see the pattern here. First you eat a sugary meal, then insulin gets released within your body to lower your blood sugar levels. Once your blood sugar levels are lowered, it causes you to crave more food. Quite naturally when you crave food, you eat!

This becomes a vicious cycle and is caused by refined carbohydrates found in sugar and white bread.

On the other side, if you just try and restrict the number of calories you eat you quite naturally begin to feel tired and hungry.  This is one of the main reasons why diets fail.  And what happens! You blame yourself, you see yourself as not having the will power to stop yourself from needing more food.

If it were known, weight loss has very little to do with will power. What you need is the right information about what you can do to stop sugar cravings.

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