Stop Sugar Cravings

I know how you feel. When that craving hits, you're toast. Whether it's a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream, a sleeve of mini cookies, or just a good old fashioned Hershey's bar, you know as soon as you take the first bite that it's as good as gone.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Stay Away From Artificial Sweeteners
They increase your cravings for regular, empty calorie packed sweets. They also have warning labels of their own.

Eat Fruit Instead
Not fruit juice. Fruit. Fruit has its fair share of sugar, but it's also packed with nutrients and fiber. How many of your sugar laden snacks can claim that?

Consider Honey
Honey is a lesser of two evils kind of thing. It does have nutrients in it which is better than pure sugar, but it's still got a lot of sugar. But, if you absolutely need a sugar fix right now, honey is better than anything else you were going to eat.

Clear Your House
You can't nosh on those Little Debbies if they aren't there! This is especially important if you decide to go cold turkey. Your cravings are almost sure to win in the first couple of days if you leave yourself any way to get a hold of a sweet snack. So don't do it, okay?

Give Yourself a Transition Period
Having said that, you don't have to go cold turkey. Eat a little less every day for a week or two, and then kick the habit for good.

Eat Whole Foods
After only a few days of when you stop sugar cravings, you will start to notice that your craving for sweets has gone down.

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