Substance Abuse Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction are causing problems for millions of people every day. Addiction can cause problems in family life, careers, health and friendships with people becoming addicted to a whole host of things such as alcohol, illegal drugs, legal drugs, unhealthy foods, tobacco, and many more. Addiction happens for many reasons and while some people can manage to drink or take drugs experimentally, many others sadly fall into the trap. It is very hard for an addicted person to stop, and sometimes their additions could even cause them to die.

A person with a substance abuse problem often knows that the alcohol or drugs they are taking is bad for them, yet they have trouble controlling themselves. A lot of the time these people are in complete denial about their addictions and intervention by family and friends doesn't always help. An addicted person has to truly want to get help and stop but sometimes they just do not care.

So, why is it that people become addicted to something that is bad for them? There are a variety of reasons, and each person is different; some people drink, take drugs, or smoke and is their way of handling stress from other factors in their lives, such as work or family problems. Even when certain problems have been dealt with, they will still continue with their addictions and make up excuses as to why. A person who has experienced a recent break up, for instance, may drink to take their minds off the person who broke their heart, or so they tell themselves but even when they are completely over that person, they'll continue with the addictions and will continue making excuses for them as well.

Some people can become addicted to their own prescription medicine. Pain killers and nerve pills are particular types of prescription drugs that people become addicted too; they basically continue taking the pills even when they're not required anymore. Prescription drug addiction in the United States is now a larger problem than illegal drug use and even teenagers are becoming addicted to prescription drugs. They may either have their own prescription or they may steal their parent's medication, either way it is a major problem.

People also become addicted to junk food and eat even when they're not hungry. A lot of the time they may eat simply because they're bored or other times they'll eat "comfort food" to deal with stress. Unfortunately "comfort food" as well as alcohol and drugs will not help in the long run and the addiction only makes things worse. A person with a junk food addiction will put on weight and then become depressed over that, which will result in them eating even more junk food.

There are many programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, to assist people with their addictions. There are therapy programs and clinics for every type of addiction possible and if a person truly desires to receive help, there is hope out there. It is very hard to stop the addiction forever, but it is possible. Sometimes a person may need to go to therapy for the rest of their lives to make sure they don't ever relapse and become addicted again.

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