Sugar Cravings Caused By Atkins – The Not-So-Sweet Side Of The Atkins Diet!

Sugar is something that is there wherever you look and is present in the most surprising places. Whole grain breads, all of them contain sugars. There is a nation wide sweet tooth epidemic in our country. If not much sweet is eaten, craving for sugars that is very intense will be there in the beginning of Atkins diet. Many "healthy" foods contain in them and withdrawal from them may be the causes for these cravings.

The problem that is there with sugar is the level of your blood sugar, energy and overall health are all directly related. If the level of sugar is low, intense cravings will be there where as the eating of sugar treats and meals will cause high level of blood sugar. The level of sugar will be so high that it will cause the pancreas to create insulin at a larger pace and eventually the pancreas become worn out and stop secretion of insulin.

Starting on an Atkins diet plan can stop this vicious cycle. Atkins diet will not because the cravings for sugar go away on its own automatically which is because sugar is there in everything and temptation to have it is very hard to resist.

The best way for fighting it is planning. If in your diet, there is a proper balance of fat, protein and fiber, the drops in blood sugar level can be prevented, therefore, it does not give a reason for the sugar carvings to rise in the first place. Do not go hungry for long intervals of time. Your blood sugar level will be stable only if you have snacks or something to eat at regular intervals. Always keep snacks like nuts, seeds, cheese and boiled eggs with you so that without reverting to sugar treats or sweets, you can keep your blood sugar under control.

Craving for sweets are also a sign of deficiency of nutrition. If there is craving for sweets and chocolate, then your blood is running low on magnesium. To stop this longing for sweets, zinc and chromium are also used. Start immediately if you already are not taking in multivitamin tablets. If the longing for sweets still prevails, try other supplements for such nutrients.

One other tactic is brushing the teeth regularly. It is a commonly experienced thing that the craving for sweets goes away if the teeth are brushed or breath strips are used. Both these methods numb the mouth and stop the feeling that tempts you to eat. Also, drinking water in large quantities can also aid in relieving people from this craving by filling your stomach as with a full stomach, you will not go looking for a sugar treat.

Also, if you have the longings when you are in your house, go and take a long walk, the distraction provided by which will suffice for making you forget about your longing for sugar. Asking help from friends or registering in Atkins forums can also help you from giving into the cravings of sweets and chocolates.

Also, eating the low carbohydrate version of the treat you like the most will do you a lot of good and will not have a deprived feeling. There are loads of such items in the market and can all help you stay in your Atkins diet and also eat sweets.

The real side effect of the Atkins plan is that you will surely have cravings for sweets but the tips given above will help you stay focused on the efforts made by you for weight loss.

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