The not so Sweet Truth About Sugar

Understanding good nutrition is also understanding human history. For thousands and thousand of years, mankind lived as a hunter/gatherer, living off lean meat, vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts. Later on, mankind settled down and grain products where added to the diet. It's only in the last few hunderd years that we have started to refine our food into refined white sugar, white flour, white rice, white pasta and so on.

Viewed from a evolutionary standpoint, this is only recently. The result is that our bodies are just not tuned in to these new kinds of foods.

In fact, our body's digestion system gets confused on how to handle and process them. This is the main reason why people get heavy these days, especially if these refined carbs are combined with the wrong fats (saturated). I will show you why this happens.

A burger with fries and a coke. Possibly the worst combination ever. The white bread combined with loads of refined sugar (coke) and loads of wrong fat (fries and burger). Before we go further, let me explain to you the different between fast and slow sugars. Simple carbs like refined sugars and grains will deliver fast sugars. It quickly raises your blood sugar level for a brief period of time, but then rapidly drops again. More complex carbs like whole wheat bread and brown rice will slowly release theirs sugars because their complex structure has to be broken down before their sugars can be released. Therefor your blood sugar level will increase more slowly and over a longer period of time.

Your body is not used to these rapid increases in sugar levels and will launch a panic attack in order to quickly set your blood sugar level to normal. It will release the hormone insuline. Insuline helps transport the excess sugar to your liver and muscle but when they are replenished, the sugar are stored in fat reserves. Because your sugar levels will drop rapidly as well, your brain gets addicted to the sugar rush and craves for more of the sweet stuff. And the cycle repeats itself.

Therefor its better to avoid this and eat more complex carbs. Your blood sugar level will slowly increase and decrease again over a long period of time, so no insuline is needed to remove the excess sugars, and no sugars have to be transformed into fat.

The best foods are the ones with a low Glycemic Index (GI). A lower GI means the food releases its sugars more slowly and over a longer period of time. Foods with a higher GI release their sugars more rapidly, create a short sugar rush, and releases the fat-making hormore insuline.

So the next time you get a sugar craving, eat an orange 🙂 or even better, a carrot :))

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