The Problems of Addiction

What is Addiction?
Addiction is obsession, compulsion or psychological dependence on any specific thing. It’s a kind of situation in which you can’t resist against that particular thing.  In this condition people don’t think about the side effects of the use of that thing and continues to use them. They feel more pleasure in using them and they don’t realize that they are harming their health and social life. To get pleasure from that product they often use illegitimate sources to get money. In this condition substance abuse is a main thing which affects people badly.

Types of Addiction:
If we talk about types of addictions, then we will find that there are many common addictions. There are many substances which are commonly known as source of addictions like abusive drugs (heroine, hashish etc), but everything which a person cannot resist and becoming dependent on them and feel really depressed without that substance becomes addiction regardless of how much it is useful. Using anything more than it is needed becomes addiction. Drug addiction, crime addiction, pornography addiction, computer or internet addiction, games addiction, nicotine addiction, food addiction, sex addiction are some of the common addictions. A person can be addicted to anything which gives him some kind of pleasure and in the absence of it a person feels withdrawal symptoms.

Fortunately addiction is curable mental disorder. If a person seeks proper treatment and guide he will definitely get rid of his/her addiction. There are number of treatments available for every kind of addiction. What is more important in the treatment is will power of patient. Sometimes after complete and successful treatment, patients relapse and get addicted again. In these cases family and friends support is more important. If closed loved ones do not support the patient in that hard time then treatments normally failed to cure a person.

Besides proper treatments there are many other activities which help patients to get rid of their addictions. Following are some common activities which are referred to every addicted patient:

Support Groups:
Support groups are source of encouragement that anyone can get over their bad habits and they can live normal life after getting rid of those habits. In these groups people discuss their experiences about their addiction, how they get involved with that substance and they got rid of those addiction. When you talk with people who have same experiences in their life as you do have, it gives you more strength and encouragement that you were not alone and if that person can do this so why can’t I?

Other Activities:
You can keep yourself busy in free time to keep your mind away from your addiction. To keep yourself busy you can join any community group to take part in activities like sports event, theater, concerts, and arts and etc. You can involve yourself in some volunteer work as well; it will not only keep you busy but it will give you pleasure of doing something you want to do. Select the volunteer work in which you are interested.

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