The Truth Behind Food Addiction

Our America has become a very addictive society. It has become so bad that food has actually become an addiction. Food, in the human body, was strictly meant for it to get the replenishment of the nutrients and the energy in the body. It was not made for a way to cover a persons feelings. They try to cover up emotions with the food to make us feel better. The obesity in this country, along with diabetes, has grown at a substantial rate in this country. There has never been a time of more high calorie food that has taken the place of proteins and vegetables. Our elders lived off of this. What will happen if this food addiction continues. Will the human life expectancy start to shorten instead of lengthen? Will we start dying off at a phenomenal rate? If this keeps up we are going to find out really fast.

Addiction in and of itself is a very complicated concept. It is there, but most people are in denial of it. Thousands of books and theories have surfaced about why addiction exists, but the truth is that no one really knows the answer to that question. all we know is how to see the warning signs of someone that may be addictive. The best sign is seeing that a person can not go twenty four hours without the substance, or in this case food.

You hear all of the hype about this person needs this product to make them feel better or that you just need it only a little bit. The fact is that they do not say out loud that they are an addict! That is the first step! Being able to admit that there is a problem.

It is sad that we all can say this person is addicted because of this or that , but the truth is that no body blames the real culprit! There are no restrictions on what can and can not be put into food. The food today is so high in fats, oil, and sugars. All of these, when eaten in a big way, can be very hazardous to your health. More than seventy five percent of the food today is not good for you. It is not all in vain though. There are things you can fix in your diet to help yourself. Ever heard of organic?

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