Uncommon symptoms of food allergies

Most people are familiar with common signs of food allergies such as hives, inflammation, nausea and lethargy. However, there are many other symptoms which are not as common and are often mistaken for being symptoms of other ailments. Dark circles under the eyes, frequent sniffing and constant throat-clearing are signs as are irritability, moodiness, hyperactivity, or frequent fatigue.

Digestive problems are these common symptoms of food allergies, but the problem can be much more serious than just nausea. The walls of the stomach lining can actually be damaged by allergies which disrupt the balance of chemicals needed for proper digestion. This in turn can lead to problems such as: leaky gut syndrome (partially digested food is leaked into the blood stream because of damaged lining); bloating; stomach cramps; IBS and autoimmune and immune deficiency diseases.

Blocked airways are not always associated with food allergies, but constant blocked noses and upper airways can be a sign of a food allergy. If this symptom is not treated, it can lead to far more serious consequences and even anaphylactic shock in rare cases.

Middle Ear infections are a very uncommon sign of food allergies, but many people do suffer as a result of eating the wrong foods. While ear infections are more common in children, adults can suffer form them too. People who suffer from milk, wheat, egg white, peanuts, and soy allergies will often get ear infections.

Psychological or emotional problems can result if food allergies are left untreated. People who have food allergies can suffer from depression, inability to concentrate and mood swings.

Food addictions are usually a signs of an allergy and of you are addicted to a certain food, the likelihood is that you are allergic to it. This is because allergic reactions in the body trigger the release of particular chemicals (such as opioids) which make you feel good and make you crave this particular food.

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