Wean Yourself Off Fast Food for Good

If you've eaten out at fast food restaurants for a long time, or frequently have to resort to fast food because of your busy lifestyle, you've probably suffered the side effects.  Weight gain, fatigue, poor health, obesity, and susceptibility to disease are only a few common ones.  You probably didn't think your diet could be causing any of these side effects if you've experienced them.  But research has proven that fast food does in fact contribute to poor health.

It's also been recently proven that fast food is addictive because of the chemicals and additives that are put into it.  Fast food triggers the same pleasure center in our brains that drugs do.  Isn't that a weird thing to think about?  That food could actually be a drug?

If you've truly committed to wean yourself off fast food, that's exactly what you should do.  Going cold turkey is possible, but it's more likely you'll experience withdrawl symptoms - and quite possibly set yourself up for a failure binge.  Your best bet, and this is true any time you're trying to break a bad habit, is to gradually reduce the number of times you eat out.

If you eat at fast food restaurants once a day, cut back to 3-4 times a week.  As you start to get the unnatural additives and chemicals out of your system, you'll find yourself craving it less.  Then, it will be easy to cut back to eating at a fast food restaurant once a week - and eventually, you won't want to eat out anymore at all.

Now, it's important to substitute nutritious food that will keep you satisfied, and not to think that just because you're not eating at fast food restaurants, you can't still enjoy food.  That is definitely not true.

But think about this.  A McDonald's Ham Egg and Cheese bagel has 550 calories and 23 grams of fat - 8 of which are saturated fat (the bad kind that contributes to heart disease).  If you took just five extra minutes to fix yourself a homemade bagel with light cream cheese or butter, you could cut that down to 300 calories.  Or better yet, skip the bagel and have whole wheat toast with peanut butter - which cuts down to 200 calories.  And best of all, you're saving your body the extra work of trying to process all those unnatural things that go into fast food.

The key to weaning yourself off fast food is commitment.  You have to really want to see improvements in your health, and be devoted to stopping those bad eating habits. 

When you stop and think about it, it's not too far from making a commitment to being drug-free, after all.

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