What Is Emotional Abuse?

What is emotional abuse?

Emotional abuse is made up of a series of incidents, over a period of time. Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse does not leave any outward scars. But the emotional scars run deep. Emotional abuse is more than just name calling, insults, or verbal jabs at another person. Whether intentional or not, emotional abuse includes any incident which degrades, humiliates, threatens, isolates or controls another person. It may also include a pattern of other abuses such as insults, criticisms, emotional manipulation, blame, neglect, aggressive demands or expectations, harassment, terrorizing as well as ignoring. Studies have shown that more women than men use emotional abuse as a means to gain control and power whereas men were more prone to physical abuse, violence, intimidation and aggression. Some people use emotional abuse as a means of cutting someone down to the core...attacking their very being. Emotionally abusive people attack the very self image and confidence of their intended victim. It is very difficult for the abuser to recognize they have a problem. Emotional abuse is difficult to define, unlike physical abuse.Most emotional abusers see themselves as being unworthy of love. Perhaps they, themselves were abused as children.

People who abuse others through emotions have difficulty forming personal relationships. Because they feel numb inside, they can't understand why their behaviour is wrong. Emotional abuse is heart and soul mutilation. It is harder for someone to get in touch with their inner personal issues mainly because emotional abuse isn't always so blatent or obvious.Our emotions tell us who we are. If we are numb to our emotions, then we can't possibly know who or what we really are. Our soul communicates with us through emotional energy vibrations. Truth is an emotional energy vibrational communication from our soul on the spiritual plane to our being/spirit/soul on this physical plane. If we are not in touch with our soul, then there is no way to properly communicate with our true emotional selves. People who suffer from a lack of inner connectiveness to their true emotional selves lack the ability to have empathy for others. They lack compassion. They lack the ability to properly communicate with others their true feelings. Hence, their lives become stale and they become useless human beings...lost souls as it were.

What causes emotional and spiritual injuries?

Carrying negative feelings and emotions around, even as a child, are the cause injuries which remain hidden in our subconscious as well as unconscious mind. Negative inner energy depletes us and drains us. Walking around with negative energy causes an inability to conduct normal relationships with others. We are crippled with lonliness, despair which in turn causes depression, anxiety and other diseases.A person who carries nothing but negative energy within themselves will only cause negative energy to return to them. If we have no sense of confidence in ourselves, then we waste valuable time searching and not finding any answers as to what our true purpose for being, is. Someone who lives for constantly tearing down others has no inner peace. They suffer from inner turmoil and are not able to perform better in their lives.Everyone can experience inner peace and less turmoil, through practice. Wanting to change and taking steps to change the negative behaviour is the key element to success.

Learning to become a more peaceful person will help you deal better with stressful situations. In order to properly connect with others, we must first learn how to connect with ourselves.

*author: Dee Gerrish@2009

Dee Gerrish has been a private, professional breeder for 13 years as of Jan. 2009; She was a respite and foster care provider in Mannheim, Germany and won many community awards for her dedicated service. Dee has written very popular articles that are listed across the internet.

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